Project Description

A middle school needed additional security at windows after a break-in to a computer lab.


A middle school with two large computer labs filled with devices was the target of theft. Despite having a security guard active in the building, four people broke into the school in the early morning hours and had stolen nearly 100 laptop and desktop computers valued at more than $200,000.

To prevent future theft attempts, the school contacted DH Pace for a solution. The school district had a 20-year long history of working with DH Pace, so it was a natural fit for the school’s leadership to reach out for support after the incident.


After evaluating the situation, the DH Pace team developed potential solutions. The room’s windows were not operable and thus did not need to be used for egress purposes, so the team recommended use of stationary stainless steel security panels. The school liked the modern look of stainless steel and the ability to customize the panels with their logo.

Once the school approved the artwork for the custom laser-cut design, the DH Pace team fabricated 12 stainless steel panels, with each panel measuring 42-by-94 inches.

The pre-fabricated units arrived at the job site ready to install. The team used tamper-resistant security screws to attach the panels over the windows. This type of fastener was important for providing the necessary level of security. With the panels ready, they slid perfectly into the window openings and were easily attached them to the walls.


A couple of months after the computer lab panels were installed, school leadership was so pleased with the solution that they contacted DH Pace to make 27 similar panels for their gymnasium, which has several exterior windows. This project, once again, demonstrated the DH Pace team’s expertise in providing custom solutions on difficult projects.

Stainless steel window coverings prevent break-ins at school computer lab