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Properly installed and maintained equipment and systems can maximize the expected product lifetime in a facility. Read more about how we can ease installation,  perform customized maintenance services, as well as respond to emergency situations. 

Emergency Services
Pre-Assembled Hardware
Planned Maintenance

Emergency Services

People depend on doors to help secure their buildings 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 365 days-a-year. Count on DH Pace just the same when there is an emergency.

Our experienced service technicians will secure facility doors and windows, assess the damage and begin repairs immediately. When a facility is damaged as a result of a natural disaster or other unforeseen event, our shared goal is to ensure that both people and property are safe.

Prevent delays in addressing emergency situations.


Pre-Assembled Hardware

Isn’t there enough coordinated on-site during a construction job? Simplify a part of the process with having DH Pace door technicians pre-assemble hardware onto doors and then ship them to your site. Field install crews can complete any remaining hardware installation and make any necessary adjustments before hanging the doors. 

Think of the cost savings from less time on-site and fewer mistakes. Plus, pre-assembled hardware eliminates the need for on-site storage and controls waste at the site.

  • Accessories

  • Closer Bodies

  • Concealed Overhead Stops & Auto Bottoms

  • Cylinders & Construction Cores

  • Deadbolts & Strike Plates

  • Door Frames

  • Door Protection Plates

  • Electric Hardware

  • Hinges & Locks

  • Flush & Surface Bolts

  • Push/Pulls & Exit Devices

Benefits of Pre-Assembled Hardware

  • Significantly reduce the amount of hardware installation required on-site

  • Expedite installation with bench tested electrified door hardware

  • Less waste to dispose of on-site for quick clean up

  • Eliminate the need for on-site hardware rooms and extended storage times

  • Ensures the proper hardware has been installed on the correct door through quality control check process

  • Streamline on-site delivery receipt through custom packaging, delivery planning and coordination

  • Receive ready-to-hang doors at the ideal point in the construction schedule

  • Implement the same specified doors and hardware across multiple locations

Additional Program Features – Pre-Painted Entry Doors

  • Offers a smooth, consistent professional finish that outperforms brushed on or rolled on applications

  • Avoid long factory lead times and/or taping around applied hardware

  • Select from an unlimited palette of colors in water-based acrylic or urethane paint

  • Paint performance and MSDS data sheets available on request

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Find out how Hardware Pre-Assembly Services can speed your operations and impact your budget.


Planned Maintenance

Maintenance is an essential part of facility upkeep. Make the most of it with a planned maintenance agreement (PMA) with DH Pace. Enrolling in a planned maintenance agreement is FREE and offers discounts on labor for all service and repair work. Plus, agreement holders receive priority scheduling for services and repairs.

Customize a planned maintenance agreement for your facility’s specific doors, operators and dock equipment. You pay only for the discounted labor required to perform the planned maintenance work, along with any repair parts used per your authorization. Each planned maintenance service call includes a written checklist of the work performed and any recommendations for potential repairs or product replacement.

Benefits of Planned Maintenance Agreements

  • Decreased Costly Downtime

  • Reduced Probability Of Your Doors, Operators & Dock Equipment Malfunctioning

  • Increased Operational Efficiency & Reliability Of Your Facility’s Doors, Docks & Related Equipment

  • Decreased Long Term Repair Expenses

  • Extended Safe & Useful Life Of Your Doors, Operators & Dock Equipment

Typical Products Covered

  • All Types Of Doors

      • Sectional Doors
      • Rolling Steel Doors
      • High Speed Doors
      • Automatic Doors
      • Impact Doors
      • Chain & Scissor Gates
      • Hangar Doors
      • Operable Doors
  • All Electric Operators

  • All Loading Dock Equipment

        • Loading Dock Levelers
        • Loading Dock Seals
        • Loading Dock Shelters
        • Loading Dock Bumpers
        • Loading Dock Truck Restraints

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Arrange a custom planned maintenance program based on your facility’s equipment.


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