Recently, Health Facilities Management featured Top Door Alarm® as an option to reduce ligature danger. Top Door Alarm® is a detection and notification system that identifies potential self-harm when a door is used as a ligature point. In addition, it provides audio and visual notifications to alert staff of a pending act.

Here is an excerpt of Devices and Furnishings to Reduce Ligature Danger.

Devices and Furnishings to Reduce Ligature Danger

Door Control Services Inc., Ben Wheeler, Texas, [is excited to offer the] recently upgraded Top Door Alarm® system [from OEM Door Controls USA] . This presence-detection device alerts hospital staff if a patient uses a foreign object, such as a bed sheet or item of clothing, as a ligature point at the top of a door to commit self-harm. Top Door Alarm provides the same protection at the bottom of a door, deterring patients from performing the “alligator roll” to inflict self-harm, according to Rodney Allison, director of behavioral health products. “The next generation will feature a programmable logic controller