Enhance the lives of people by improving the safety, security, convenience and aesthetics of the buildings where they live, work and play


In addition to functionality, aesthetics, durability and security, commercial entry door openings need to be properly designed, installed and maintained to meet both performance requirements and multiple building code regulations.

These considerations can vary widely on an opening by opening basis, by building type or geographic location. DH Pace trains and employs highly skilled professionals that work with building owners, architects, contractors and maintenance personnel to provide the best products, services and solutions.

Product List

  • Doors & Frames

    • Accordion & Operable Walls
    • Aluminum Doors, Storefronts, & Windows
    • Flush Wood Doors
    • Hollow Metal Doors & Frames
    • Performance-Rated Assemblies
    • Specialty Applications
  • Access Control

    • Credentials & Readers
  • Finish Hardware

    • Electrified Hardware
    • Locksets, Exit Devices & Closers
    • Key Systems & Accessories
    • Push, Pull & Kick Plates

Performance-Rated Assemblies

  • Cross Corridors & Area Separations

  • Elevator Shafts & Lobbies

  • Fire-Rated Doors

  • Integrated Doors

  • Sound-Rate Doors

  • Thermal-Rated Doors

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Did You Know?

Learn when deadbolt locks were first used.

Most deadbolts found on commercial and residential doors are pin tumbler locks. It’s thought that the Egyptians invented an early prototype of the modern pin tumbler about 4,000 years ago. However, it didn’t catch on until locksmith Linus Yale, Jr. patented one that operated with a small, flat key in 1861.

Did You Know?

Find out if doors can withstand shots fired at them.

A Level 2 ballistic door can withstand gunshots from a .357 Magnum, and a Level 4 ballistic door is built to withstand a shot from a .30 caliber rifle.

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