Security Doors


Security revolving doors eliminate tailgating and piggybacking while maintaining a high throughput. They include sophisticated sensor systems to ensure single person entry per authorization, eliminating the need for manned security at access points. Security revolving doors integrate with any access control system and provide fast, reliable security at your entrance. Overhead infrared sensors make contact floor mats unnecessary, enabling installation on a finished floor for quick and easy renovation projects. Revolving doors are available in a wide variety of finishes to match its surroundings.


  • High capacity
  • High energy savings
  • Unmanned building entry
  • Prevents tailgating/unauthorized entry


  • Compatible with all access control systems
  • Fail-safe operation for emergency egress
  • Installs on finished floor (no recess required)


  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Government Buildings
  • Data Centers
  • Banks / Financial Institutions
  • Colleges / Universities
  • Hospitals / Healthcare
  • Hotels
  • Public Transport
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