Project Description

Customer Type: Research and Visitor Center

Industry: Government


A government organization has maintained a presence on a popular mountaintop for over 50 years. The existing high
altitude research laboratory was old and too small to meet its future needs. Designing a new state-of-the-art research
and visitor center at over 14,000 feet above sea level was a significant challenge. In harsh weather, the large windows
needed protection on short notice. The protection needed to be strong enough to withstand the high winds and heavy
precipitation while also blending in with the overall façade of the facility


After meeting with the owner and the general contractor to review the situation, DH Pace proposed an innovative
solution. Compact shutters were used to cover the exterior of the windows to provide the needed storm protection and
preserve the aesthetics of the facility. The project consisted of 40 motorized shutters on the windows, spanning threefourths of the complex. The shutters are controlled in groups by wall switches to permit quick activation as a storm
approaches. The research area also included three manual shutters.

Working at over 14,000 feet was a substantial challenge for all of the construction trades, including the DH Pace team. The project was finished on schedule and celebrated 500+ days without a safety incident on the project site.